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Introducing Plan ONE Financial Group

The evolution of our brand: Plan ONE Financial Group.

Plan ONE Financial Group was first used to identify our team in 2014.  While our firm’s history goes as far back as 1996, over the years it has evolved from Howard Mattson - The Tax Professionals Retirement Planning Partner to what it has become today – a firm which serves clients throughout the country, built on a commitment to unbiased financial planning and peerless personal service.

The Plan ONE brand also reflects our success. As we have grown, we have built a loyal customer base that values our mission of helping customers use their finances to achieve their life goals, whatever they may be. As Plan ONE Financial Group, we speak with our customers as a dedicated team, willing to measure ourselves by a unique standard – one based solely on the success of our client relationships.

What’s changing – and what isn’t. 

Let’s start with what isn’t changing: Our team will remain the same. SagePoint Financial will transition to OSAIC Wealth, Inc. and continue to operate as our broker/dealer.  And while you may notice the name OSAIC in the background, our relationship with our clients will not change - the same advisors and staff you trust remain ready to serve you.

What will change is how we present ourselves to you. Our site allows us to showcase our specific areas of expertise.  We have also updated our communications channels such as webcasts, newsletters and social media to help us share our perspective with our customers.

An exciting evolution, driven by growth. 

Our commitment to our customers, present and future, remains steadfast. The Plan ONE Financial name reflects our continued growth as a firm.  Our growth is because of the faith that clients have put into our business. None of this would be possible without your trust, and we will never take that for granted – under any name.