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Howard R. Mattson, CRPC, RFC

Howard R. Mattson, CRPC, RFC

Empowering clients to take charge of their financial future

"Through being a SmartVestor Pro, I'm able to provide Dave's audience with the sound financial advice and encouragement to continue their journey.  I still get excited when I hear that someone has committed to a budget, paid off their first loan or started to build their emergency fund because I know they're well on the way to being debt free.  After all, nothing in my opinion feels better than financial peace."                                      - Howard R. Mattson, CRPC, RFC


Howard began his career in 1996 with a local securities firm. There, he co-managed and trained a group of thirty representatives working in the surrounding area and states. At age twenty-six, he was offered and accepted a partnership with that firm. Shortly after becoming partner, the organization quickly became one of the leading offices in the nation for their broker-dealer.

In 2002, Howard left the firm to collaborate with other financial and accounting professionals. Client relationships have always been the foundation of Howard’s financial focus, culminating in the creation of Plan ONE Financial Group. Today, the accounting and financial services professionals remain dedicated to providing comprehensive planning and peerless personal service.

Howard and his wife, Michelle, live in Franklinville, NJ with their four youngest children. As a couple, they've read, live by and teach their children the financial principles found in Dave's Total Money Makeover.


We're here to help. Whether you're still paying off debt or well on your way to accomplishing your last Dave Ramsey baby step, we're here to provide encouragement and guidance. Let us know how we can assist you in your journey.  You will find that having someone to walk you through a plan that works for you can be a huge inspiration to completing your financial goals!

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